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Sacha Vrazic

Sacha Vrazic is currently Director of Autonomous Driving R&D at Rimac Automobili d.o.o where he leads the R&D efforts and conducts own research to provide Autonomous Driving technology: Statistical Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion, Machine Learning, Situation Awareness, Path Planning.


Session on Autonomous driving



Performance driving on a racetrack is exciting, but it’s not widely accessible as it requires advanced driving skills honed over many years. Autonomous Racing for commercial vehicles brings a different perspective with particular challenges.

Rimac’s Driver Coach enables any driver to learn from the onboard AI system, and enjoy performance driving on racetracks using full autonomous driving at very high speeds. The system brings Active Safety on racetracks. We introduce the work done for the Nevera and how AI can be used to accelerate driver education and safely provide racing experiences at incredibly high speeds. We’ll dive deep into the overall development pipeline, the vehicle sensors, from collecting data to training models to simulation and validating in real scenarios on tracks. We’ll discuss the challenges in perception, localization, racing motion planning and driver monitoring. Can AI beat human professional race drivers?

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