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Rod Badcock

Rod has 30 years research experience in applied R&D covering manufacturing process monitoring and control, materials sensing, and superconducting systems. Since 2006, he has concentrated on superconducting machines, and production and machines for General Cable Superconductors at the Robinson Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington, Lower Hutt, New Zealand. He is currently the Institute Deputy Director, Chief Engineer, Professor and specializes in the management of complex engineering projects, including customer-focused multidisciplinary programmes. He is particularly known for the development of the superconducting dynamos for electric machines, optical sensing for fusion tokamaks and the NZ MBIE programme developing aircraft superconducting electric propulsion technology. Rod is recognized as one of the leading experts in the application of superconducting dynamos and cables to electric machines and translating high temperature superconductivity into commercial practice. Prof. Badcock was a key member of the team awarded the Royal Society of New Zealand Cooper Medal in 2008 for the development of high-temperature superconducting cables for power system applications including 1 MVA transformer, 60 MW hydro generator, and 150 MW utility generator. In 2022 he was awarded the prestigious Royal Society Te Aparangi Pickering medal and the Wellingtonian of the Year Science and Technology winner for his work on superconducting engineering for all-electric aircraft. Rod is motivated to bring these super-cool technologies into sustainable, energy intensive systems, and make the world a truly better place. He is always looking for motivated young minds seeking to engage in multidisciplinary cutting edge research and make their own mark in the world to bring a sustainable cleaner future – this includes Masters by research and Doctoral candidates.


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